Wholesale hyperlink removal

I need to remove all hyperlinks in my project. I have a lot. How do I do it all at once? I’ve found instructions but no page matches anything in my version of Scrivener. I use a PC, Windows 10 and Scrivener I don’t know if those instructions match old versions of Scrivener or what it looks like on a Mac but NOTHING in my window looks like that.

There is not a single shot way of doing this on Windows as the Edit ▸ Remove Links command is a text editing command, and you can only select the text from one section at a time. But that’s how you would do it. I’d recommend getting familiar with the shortcut for “Next Document”, in the Navigate ▸ Go To submenu, so you can just go down the list quickly.

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Do you need to remove them from the project, or just from the output document? You can remove them from the output via the Compile command.

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I was hoping to remove them from the whole project. Or just turn off their ability to be clickable.

I’ve never done this, but I would think you could use the compile command to remove all the links then bring the compiled doc back into Scrivener? @kewms what would you say?

(I would definitely start with making a backup just in case it doesn’t work as you wish - for safety’s sake.)

That would certainly get rid of the hyperlinks, but also the metadata, the Binder structure, etc.