Who's behind?

Me. :frowning: I have trouble starting things, I know, but once I get past the opening chapter or two, things start spewing. It’s just getting over that hump. (Even though I know where it’s going, have a rough outline of plot, etc.)

Anyone else in the same predicament?

I know where you’re coming from; know about the hump. It didn’t help me that my hard disk ground to a halt day 2 and took three days to fix. So now, with “new” lightning fast macbook I’m charging up the hump anew. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=150]‘Thou shalt not procrastinate!’
‘Thou shalt type-type-type-type-type!’

Suck. Computer issues suck mightily. Good that you didn’t lose anything, though.


May I suggest that Mr K is not “behind”, he is “a behind”?


Better than a horse’s ass, which one person in Seattle was voted on in legislature. sos.wa.gov/elections/initia … t/i831.pdf Sadly struck down by the courts, if memory serves.

I just say one thing: Time Machine! My catcher in the rye…

Shut up, will you please Mr. K. Can’t you see I’m working?

I’m behind. I’m very behind. Ugh. Still, it’s still only the 6th, so there is still plenty of time to catch up, I hope. :smiley:

Go on the Fast Diet, and do muscle toning exercises.

cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/h … t-workout/

Hope this helps :wink:

You can’t be behind if you don’t start.