Why do some index cards have lots of text, and..

Why do some index cards have lots of text and others only headlines? How can I make sure that I have more on a card than just the headline? :neutral_face:

Hi straightlife,

Have you done the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu in the application)? This will give you a clearer understanding of the relationship between what you see on the Corkboard, your text and the Binder (in particular Part 2, Step 9). It doesn’t take much more than an hour to go through the whole thing.


Thanks so much. I found a video on youtube called “scrivener basics, corkboard and synopses.” The wonderful narrator just happened to mention (about 2/3 of the way thru) that if you click the two little squares in the upper right hand corner of the inspector, it would automatically add text to the synopses.

I find it terribly hard to concentrate for long periods on info that doesn’t apply exactly to my problem of the moment. It’s a sickness and sometimes it just cripples me. But I saw those keywords “corkboard” and “synopses” together on an 8 minute video on youtube, and voila. Got my answers. Thanks again. :laughing:

And David will be chuffed that he has been dubbed a “wonderful narrator”. :slight_smile: