Why does “Body” think that it should be Bold?

I just opened a new document, began typing, and was surprised to see bold type instead of the correct, non-bolded body type. I can un-bold it of course, but why does Scrivener think that “Body” contains “bold” as one of its attributes? I made no such declaration in the body style itself.

Thank you!

Body style?
Scrivener doesn’t use styles the way Word does, so most or all the text should be “no style”. There is no “body style” unless you create it and assign it to the text.

Which it looks like the OP did…and said so…

To speak more directly to the point Lunk was trying to make – Scrivener has no default interaction with whatever styles you create. Unlike Word, for example, where you open up a new document and Word will automatically pull up the “Normal” style, Scrivener does not directly apply or use any of your styles regardless of what they are named. As you open a new document – or create a new paragraph of text outside of what has already been formatted – it will fall back to the project’s default text formatting (or, if your project doesn’t have it’s own default text format, to the global Scrivener default text format) and set your new text up in that.

If you never apply a style to any of the text you type, then all of your text will be unstyled even if you’ve gone and manually formatted it along the way. In Word, all of your text has a style applied – if you start manually formatting text, it will try to match it to an existing style or a derivative of that style. Scrivener does not do this. And part of the reason why is the Compile stage. What you see in the editor with your formatting and styles may bear no relation to what comes out of the Compile stage depending on your compiler settings.

The current best practice is to set up your default text formats to be how you want the majority of the text in your project to be. Then, you set up styles for those areas of text that will differ from this and apply those styles only where needed. This makes it much easier for you down the road to set up your Compile settings.