Why is grammar check so limited?


Why is grammar check so limited? When I copy things onto Google Docs, I suddenly see so many grammar errors than I did in scrivener. Does anyone have this issue?

There is no grammar check in Scrivener. Only spellcheck.

People use third party apps. Like Grammarly or Antidote.

In a way, it is not limited, it is just non-existent.
Having it would probably come at a performance cost. → I don’t mean money, though that would most likely inevitably come along.
Plus, there’d be the language question. Not even third party grammar checker apps cover all languages. (So you just need to pick one that operates for the language you write in, preferably one that connects (such as Grammarly and Antidote (on mac)) and you are good to go, without paying for languages you have no interest in.)

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Basically what someone else (the programmer) thinks is a grammatical error and typically they are 20 to 50 years behind the state of the language now.


Actually, there is on the Mac, because it’s provided by the OS, but I can’t answer @Noblef’s question, because I have both spelling and grammar checking turned off in Scrivener because I find them so often wrong and irritating. I’m of an age when we were taught to spell and grammar and parsing sentences.

If I want to spell check a document, I do it in my word processor post-compile, but even without spell-checking I spot problems quickly because of the different appearance.




Second that notion, good buddy! I have Grammarly Premium running in the background everywhere except on Scrivener. It is only after the first draft that I give a hoot if that last sentence ended in a preposition or I misspelled Mexico again… (I wish I was joking on that last point!)

Anyways, as writers we should be striving to improve our mastery of the language. I routinely sit down and read various grammar guides. Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wicked Prose is one of my favorite texts on the subject. Look it up on Amazon.

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I bought Grammarly right after I started using Scrivener 3 for Windows 10. Grammarly gets improvements every week. It even teaches proper writing. It’s also a good spell-checker.

I use a combination of ProWritingAid, Grammarly and Hemmingway. It’s the system that I’ve found works best for my writing. I hope that helps.

Grammarly Pro user here, and I’ve had no issues using it inside Scrivener. Bit of a life-saver as it outstrips any of the built-in Mac grammar checking tools (and why reinvent the wheel and build that in?). Only downside: this only applies to Desktop Scrivener. I’ve not found a good solution when writing on iPad yet.