Why is it impossible to compile a file with headings that work in MS Word?

I tried everything now, but nothing works.
I want to compile a file to .docx with headings that I can see in my table of contents in Word. I used the format “heading 1” provided by Scrivener, I even tried to import headings from a Word file. But it won’t show me the headings in Word. I found this topic:
literatureandlatte.com/forum … hp?t=50215
I used the file and now it works. But I want to change the format of the headings. If I do so it fails again. Honestly, this is such an easy task, isn’t it? You format your “heading” as heading and that’s it. I don’t understand why it shows me in Word only a text with a certain font size and style, bold or whatever - but not a heading.
I need those headings to upload the file later on to an online editor which will convert my file into an eBook. So the only option I have at the moment is formatting every heading in Word and then upload the file. It’s manageable, of course. But I must admit it drives me crazy not to be able to do that straight out from Scrivener.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I will try to explain what I did: I use Scrivener in German so please bear with me.
First, I go to Compile and in the Panel you can see I created may own “Style” called Manuskript. All I need is a heading (that works) and the text of the chapter - that’s it.

Then I double click on “Manuskript” and a Window opens. Here I go to “Formatvorlage” and I see a lot of different styles. The “Heading 1” style is the one I imported from the thread mentioned above where someone provided an example of how this is done. But I don’t like this kind of format (too big, too bold, and italic). So I want to change the look of it, but then it doesn’t recognize the heading as such in Word. Only if I use it in exact that way I imported it, it works.
If I want to create my own heading it doesn’t work.

I think you need to create the styles before going to Compile, when you are in the Editor. Styles in compile only format the text, it doesn’t give the text a ”style".

You mean I have to format the headings in the Editor? I use the titles of the documents as “headings”. In the text file itself I don’t use any styles. I have a very simple structure of my work: heading - text. I create a folder (name of the book) and then I add a document (one per each chapter). No headings there. No subheadings, nothing.

Anyways I found a solution (in the last twenty minutes … ):
Because I wasn’t successful with the other methods I imported a style from MS Word (Format → Import Format Templates) and then I added it in the Compile Panel (clicking +) and I renamed it to prevent confusion (I have a lot of “Heading 1” in my list). So I figured out Scrivener doesn’t like the renaming. If I use the style exactly the way I imported it from Word (without renaming it), it works. I’m fine with that solution …

You should be able to use styles created in Scrivener, too. Word seems only to show styles in the document map that have specific titles, though - “Heading 1”, “Heading 2” etc. This works fine for me when exporting from Scrivener to Word.

You do not need to format your text in the editor, nor does the project even need to have this style. You can use styles in the compiler as well, you just need to make sure an apply them as styles in the Section Layouts pane:

  1. Click on the Layout that should have a heading; for example: “Chapter”.
  2. In the “Formatting” tab, click into the sample heading.
  3. Use the a button and select “Heading 1”.

Maybe you do not like how it looks, but that is okay because you can go into the Styles pane and change the formatting for “Heading 1” there. If you go back to “Chapter” in Section Layouts, you will see the changes you made.

Of note: if you change the formatting of your heading in Section Layouts, the style assignment will be removed. So only change the formatting from the Styles pane.