Why is my text highlighted ?

When I add a new page in the Editor the text as I start typing is highlighted yellow. Why is that? How do I turn this off so it no longer is the default?

Is the text itself highlighted, or is the current line in the editor highlighted?

(You can tell by typing more than one line and seeing if the highlight moves when the cursor does.)

Turn the current line highlight off in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Main Editor pane.

Turn text highlighting off with the Format -> Highlight command.


Awesome thanks Katherine.

It was highlighting every line so I found the culprit in Preferences/Editing/Formatting where I noticed that the sample text ( the Nietzsche quote ) was highlighted yellow.

I clicked on the highlighting button and voila!

A great first result for me on the forum!

All the best and thanks again
Brian :smiley: :smiley:

My entire text has highlighted anywhere the words, “the” or “in” are written --which, is all over the place! . I didn’t want this. I tried an early 2018 suggestion how to get rid of this, but suspect the Scrivener’s setup has changed since more recent updates. Help! (I can’t look at a page at the moment.)