Why is Scrivener opening a persistent command window now?

Windows 11 Home 22H2 (10.0.22621 Build 22621)

My old Windows 10 laptop died, so I bought a new one and the newest version of Scrivener. Now when I open Scrivener, I see a persistent command prompt open that lists all kinds of useless information I, as the user, don’t care about. For example:

Info: Scrivener “Sat Jan 13 12:51:27 2024”
Info: Application: Scrivener
Build: Release

Executable: Scrivener.exe
Executable Path: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3/Scrivener.exe
Runtime Path: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3
Library Path: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3
Arguments: C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\Scrivener.exe
Compiler: MSVC.NET 1935.0
Qt-Compiled: 6.4.3
Qt-Runtime: 6.4.3
Windows Version: Windows
Created: Jul 6 2023 13:30:21
Info: Registry Installed Location: “C:\Program Files\Scrivener3”
Info: Application Runtime Location: “C:\Program Files\Scrivener3”
Info: Application Version: “”
Info: Qt Library: “6.4.3” Release
Info: “Prefix Path: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Data/Resources: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Plugins: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Libraries: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Libraries Exec: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Binaries: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3”
Info: “Translations: C:/Program Files/Scrivener3/translations”
Info: "buildCpuArchitecture: " “x86_64”
Info: "currentCpuArchitecture: " “x86_64”
Info: Scrivener compiled as 64 Bit application

Info: devicePixelRatio: 1.5
Info: qt_defaultDpi: 96
Info: qt_defaultDpiX: 96
Info: qt_defaultDpiY: 96
Info: Primary Screen: “”
Info: Primary Screen devicePixelRatio: 1.5
Info: Primary Screen logicalDotsPerInch: 96
Info: Primary Screen physicalDotsPerInch: 125.865
Info: Screen 1 “”
Info: Screen devicePixelRatio: 1.5
Info: Screen logicalDotsPerInch: 96
Info: Screen physicalDotsPerInch: 125.865
Info: Loading Icon Manager icons.

I’m also seeing all kinds of information about fonts that are loaded, some libpng and, strangely, SQL errors (INSERT INTO Snapshots), none of which I care about. (I don’t care if fonts are loaded as long as they are, nor that there is “No Postscript name” for them; libpng errors just mean one or more images I’ve embedded in my project are using the wrong library, which isn’t a huge issue, and I’m not going to waste my time fixing them; and I’m assuming the SQL errors are coming from some part of the application I can’t do anything about because I don’t seem to have a problem with my backups).

Why in the world is this command prompt even visible and how can I stop Scrivener from opening it? (FYI: If I close the command prompt, it closes Scrivener.) No end user should have to see the inner workings of an application, and this has only been a problem on Windows 11 with this specific Scrivener version.

Anyone have any idea what I can do about this?

Most likely you have the checkbox in General: Warnings enabled, to show logging data. It can be useful if you are running into problems, as this shows in detail what the program is doing from one moment to the next. You might not care about it right now, but it can help you figure out why this or that is crashing or causing problems otherwise—for example if a font is corrupted! Since the program is running “from” that log window, you will need to restart before it goes away.


Perfect! That worked. You are a ROCKSTAR! :grinning:

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