Why is text highlighted in Dark Mode?

I’m doing some research for my story, and linking to relevant web pages. I pasted the title of an article into scrivener - that text is highlighted with a lighter-gray color, and anything that comes after it also has that highlight.

Is there a way to get rid of that highlighting?

Thank you!

If you directly pasted, instead try Unstyled Paste, and/or if using an external keyboard Paste and Match Style.

There’s info/visuals at forum posts 2 + 4 here:

Because that text is also highlighted in Light Mode. Likely it had a background colour like white or light cream in your source that didn’t show up.To get rid of it, select all the highlighted text and a surrounding word or two. Tap the Paintbrush icon, Tap “Formatting Options…”. Tap " Use default formatting".

To avoid this in future, when pasting from outside sources, use Unstyled Paste instead of regular paste as scshrugged suggested.

Hope this helps!

Thank you both for those excellent ideas!