Why The Sudden Price Increase?

I love Scrivener’s MacOS version, it’s definitely worth the price; however, the iOS version, the one that’s barely functional, a 20% increase in the price is ridiculous.

It is, however, curious that for 2,106 days the price remained at $19.99, then on October 31, 2022, just in time to welcome National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it spiked to $23.99. Shame on you.

I’d like to suggest that perhaps it’s better business practice to, first, fix the current known issues in order to deliver an improved app with optimal functionality, then, consider a price increase. Just a thought.

Blame the change on the pound tanking in Forex because of incompetent UK politicians.

I vehemently disagree with your assertion that the iOS version is barely functional! It doesn’t do everything that the macOS version does because iOS doesn’t do everything that macOS does.


In addition to @reepicheep’s comments … read the memo: inflation is everywhere and affects everyone.

I use the iOS (and macOS) all the time. I assure you the iOS version is not “barely functional”. It’s a great app to supplement the macOS for serious writing projects.

A few decades ago, software like this would cost hundreds of £/$/€.

The good news is, people don’t have to buy it.

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I remember KB posted a memo saying that the prices were going to have to go up, but I can’t find it. Lit&Lat have kept to the same pricing structure for many years, with free updates along the way. It’s about time they put their prices up given the rate of inflation, and the hikes in energy prices.

In fact, I was just thinking that when Scrivener 4 comes out, even though I’m on a far from generous pension, I will buy a new licence, not use the upgrade discount. I’ve been using Scrivener every day for over 15 years, but my total outlay on Mac has been under £100. I have Scrivener for iOS/iPadOS, but I don’t actually use it; not that it’s un-useable, but because I prefer to work on my MBA.

MY ½p.



I, and many other people, use the iOS version constantly. “Barely functional” seems to be a bit of hyperbole.

If you find an iOS app that does everything iOS Scrivener does for less than 23.99, by all means buy it.

I’m happy knowing that you, along with the many other people who use the iOS app always, are happy. Nothing warms my heart more than you are. Scrivener’s iOS app hurt me, but who hurt you?

Then tell us how it did it and why, if you already have a copy, you are complaining about this necessary price rise.


Our Marketing team posted about the price increases via social media on 24 October 2022. That was a week before the prices increased on 31 October 2022.

As those posts noted–and as you yourself calculated in your original post–it’s been five years since we increased our prices. Others have already posted support for the idea, given the economic issues affecting so many companies.

You commented that the iOS version is barely functional. We have plenty of users who only work with Scrivener for iOS.

With that said, it is not the ideal tool for every writer. For that matter, neither is Scrivener 3 for macOS or Windows. (For my own writing, I work 99% on my Mac, 1% on my iPad, and never on my PC.)

As others have commented, if you encountered issues with the iOS version, please either post for support here or use either the form or the email links on our contact us page to submit a help request.

Digging into the specifics of what you’ve encountered could help us resolve the issue for you. Or, if you’ve legitimately encountered a bug, it can help us document it so that the developer can address it.


I thought the OP was commenting on the shitty timing of the price increase to coincide with nanowrimo, you know, jack up the price when people are most likely to buy it…not the price increase per se