Why won't documents move into trash?

I select the document, then use the menu item “move to trash” but the document does not disappear from the binder. Worse yet, I’m inadvertently hitting some key combo that creates new documents, so there are lots of them! Help!

Just to clarify - “move to trash” never totally “deletes” anything - it just moves the item(s) to the “trash” folder. This is to protect you from accidently deleting anything.

To permanently delete anything from your binder’s Trash" folder, you must reselect the item(s) in your trash folder and empty trash/permanently delete (I’m not sure of mac wording).

As a windows user, I can’t offer help on the new blank docs, but you should be able to discover the key combo you are inadvertantly invoking listed under shortcuts in your help menu. :blush:

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Thanks. I guess this isn’t a common problem. It’s very annoying. No matter what I do, the untitled documents still appear in the binder, collections, outline, corkboard. If my trash is full (I’m paranoid and seldom empty it.), why isn’t it letting me know that?

Your trash icon (and built it icons) change when they contain other items. The users manual and tutorial (found under your help menu) explain how they change and what the changes mean. Your trash can never be too “full” to add other items.

The reason “sending to trash” doesn’t immediately delete anything is so you can’t accidently delete anything.

One thing you might be interested in doing to reduce “paranoia” - create a new folder for a “cutting room floor”. This should be in your binder, but outside of your draft.

This allows you to choose to KEEP docs you might want to look at/use later. You could also create a new doc in that folder for partial snippets/sentences/paragraphs you cut from other docs for the same reasons.

  • Have you emptied your trash folder using the empty trash command?
  • If you don’t want to delete everything in your trash folder, you can just select some items to permanently delete. (The command is in the contextual menu - windows is a right click so maybe command click in mac? The option should also appear at the bottom of your binder in a menu bar, at least it does on windows)

Could you post a screenshot to help us understand what you’re seeing? I’ll check your trust settings to make sure you can.

If you’re looking at a Search-based Collection, moving an item to the Trash won’t necessarily remove it from the Collection. It may still meet the search criteria. “Exclude Trash Folder” is one of the available search options.

In the Binder, “Move to Trash” won’t cause the item to “disappear,” it will just move it to the Trash folder. Is that what you’re seeing, or is it failing to move at all?


Emptying the trash worked! How embarrassing!

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