Why won't Favorite Documents Clear?

I think I’m following the directions exactly, but the same list of documents keeps appearing in Favorites. I won’t to move a lot of files and need to access the new location quickly. I don’t want to create new book marks. Is this a bug?

You can use the section just below.

I think the “favorites” in the dropdown menu are actually only “recent documents”.

Assume this is mac??

There is no command to clear the Favorites list at the top of the Documents ▸ Move To submenu, if that is what you are referring to. This list is automatically updated as you use this menu (or the right-click version of it in the binder/corkboard/outliner). It works by keeping a log of every place you target and counting how often you use it, so that frequently used locations are sorted to the top. In addition to this, it should also be giving priority listing to newly used targets. Those will drop off of the list more quickly unless you use them often enough for their counts to match other frequently used locations.

But something else to notice here is that during each session, the last location you used will be added to the menus as “Move to ‘X’ Again”. So even if the place you used last isn’t appearing in the list for some reason, you should at least have that command available.