Wikilinks "Complete Document Title" feature requests

I found that I have been using the Complete Document Title feature quite often recently and would like to bring more attention to it.

The first feature I would request is making it case insensitive e.g., when I type [[Chap]] then press Complete Document Title, it might show “Chapter” but not “chapter”. Incorporating this feature would help users find the title more effectively.

I would also like to revisit some more features outlined in this post: Complete document title

The features include fuzzy search, a pop up bar for recommending documents when typing [[ and a few characters without having to use the shortcut, and so on.

There are a few problems I can see with this:

  • We can’t assume you are using title completion to create a wiki link. That is just one, albeit very useful, reason for using it.
  • You might then say only insert ]] if there is a [[ to the left of where the auto-completed text starts—that’s probably a safer assumption, and probably also fairly easy to code, but it’s still not a good assumption because one might wish to create links to [[topic - one]] and [[topic - two]], starting from the master document of [[topic]]. Assuming everyone wants a completed link the moment they are done auto-filling the title takes away that ability entirely.
  • More technically, this is a typing trigger, not a content trigger, and auto-complete is not technically typing. You can test it for yourself by calling something “test]]” in the binder and then auto-completing from [[te. It’s perhaps not an insurmountable problem, but perhaps not as straight-forward an adjustment as you were thinking.

Meanwhile, the use-case you describe is very unusual. More typically I believe, the formation would be Page(s) not Page[s]. For those rare cases where a title ends a closing bracket like that, maybe it’s better to just pop open Quick Search and drag the result into the text editor. I often use that method instead of wiki links anyway, for cases where there are too many titles starting with “The” or whatnot. Both can be quite efficient.


I think what would be a good alternative is allowing this function but to another shortcut. I also found that sometimes I would make Wikilinks to documents not in my Draft folder but to another folder e.g., Trash, that I did not expect to Wikilink to. Is there anything that can be done on this end e.g., only allow Wikilinks to reference the Manuscript Draft? On a side note, it seems that when pasting text already having two brackets enclosing them, it does not seem to be recognized as Wikilinks but just as [[document title]].

For the [[topic - one]] and [[topic - two]], my understanding was that when you complete document title, it pops up a drop-down list rather than auto-completing the text if there was no drop down list (though auto-completing if there is only one document and a drop down where there are at least two would also be welcomed), so you can select whether you want topic - one or topic - two.

Thank you for informing me that you can drag the document result from Quick Search to the editor. Usually, I type the Wikilinks due to not needing to move my mouse, however, I may try to use the drag from Quick Search feature and see how it goes.