Will Be Reinstalling Soon, And...

… I will not be using the OS X Migration Assistant — this will be a totally clean install. But thus, the problem: I’ve created a ton of custom keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener (in System Preferences, of course), and want to preserve them. Is there a sure-fire way to preserve these shortcuts once I do the new (clean) install, and have them show back up in System Preferences, too? (I know that preserving the .plist files in ~/Library/Preferences doesn’t always do this). Any help anyone could give as to where these preferences “live” would be super-helpfull! Also — anyone know of an app (or AppleScript) that can cull together all my keyboard shortcuts and put them in one giant file, then put them back into System Preferences once I migrate to the shiny, squeaky-clean new install?

Thanks a bunch,
Andy H.

In Scrivener -> Preferences, click the Manage button in the bottom left. Select the “Save All Preferences” option, which will ask you to specify the location for the resulting file. Copy this file to the new machine, and use the “Load All Preferences” command to import it back into Scrivener.

However, this won’t load your keyboard shortcuts, as they are saved at the OS X level, outside of Scrivener’s domain. Alas, I wasn’t able to find an easy way to export those. :frowning:


I’m not sure where Scrivener’s keyboard shortcuts are stored, but this article may give you a few places to investigate: betalogue.com/2005/08/03/key … d-restore/ It may be that there’s a com.literandlatte.scrivener.plist file in your ~/Library (not the system-level one), but you might consider experimenting with that. Make a new login account (System Preferences->Users is where that’s at, I think), and then copy the files you find that look promising to that account’s Library and see if the shortcuts appear. Good luck with the migration.

Okay, thanks guys, that actually helped a lot. Now another question — How do I export all of my Scrivener “compile presets” without having to go through them one by one by one, clicking and clicking? Any suggestions? Or is this covered in the saving preferences thing?

Use the Scrivener -> Reveal Support Folder in Finder command to open Scrivener’s support folder. Presets are stored in the Compile Settings subfolder.