Will folders for custom icons be a thing?

Hi all,

I bought Scrivener 3 and I absolutely love it; it’s perfect for my writing. I use a lot of custom icons and have a question. iirc in the Mac version, you can make a custom icon folder by uploading icons with the name convention Folder (File).

Will this be a feature in the Windows version too soon? It’d be really helpful for me

If you right click on an item in the Binder, select Change icon, then Manage icons, in the bottom left of the window is a + icon. select that and you can navigate to wherever you have stored your custom icon. There may be a more direct route but I haven’t found it yet.

Thanks but that is not what I’m asking. I am asking when Windows users will be able to create folders of customs icons within the navigation.

e.g. Organising Custom Icons

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I haven’t heard anything on this one for a while, so I can’t say when it will appear, sorry it didn’t make it into the initial launch. :neutral_face:

No it’s okay don’t apologise! It’s not an important feature for me it was just something I was wondering if it would be included soon is all!

In the mean-time, you can name your icons as you import them, so that they sort like an expanded set of folders. For example:

faces:eye roll

That will at least help you visually scan for the right category of icons.

Thanks for the idea! I have tried this, but this makes the icons I put in this ‘category’ disappear and a blank section appear in Scrivener. When I hover over it, no expanded menu appears, and when I click on it, it gives a blank icon.

Oh no. I chose poorly when I used the : character as a separator. You could experiment with other characters, like a dash, a period, or an _ underscore?


Any news about organizing custom icons into folders in Scrivener for Windows?

I would like to group certain imported icons together in their own folders, In Scrivener for Windows 3 right-click binder item > Change Icon > Manage Icons only allows one to import them individually, and they then always appear as individual icons in the icons list. How do I create an icon folder and then place icons into that folder? If not supported as a feature, is there a workaround, ie creating such a folder manually? Where are the existing icons actually stored in Windows? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Rudi.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to organize icons at the moment.
They will indeed always appear as individual icons in a list. No folder / sub-folder organization possible.
But, given that they are presented in alphabetical order, if you are willing to put in the time, you can cheat them into categories/“folders” by adding a number before their names.
01 this
01 that
01 that other one
02 bird
02 cat
02 cow
02 dog
03 car
03 road
. . . . . . . . . . . . etc, etc.

Note that you don’t have to use the icon manager, but can add a bunch of icons to a project at once by copying them in the “icons” folder of a project. It is much faster.


So should you wish to number/categorize your icons, not only is it way easier to do in Windows explorer, you’d only have to do it once, then copy them to your other projects.

These icons are also saved as part of a project template. So if you create a template from a “blank” project to which you previously added them, all your new projects would already have those icons upon creation, properly named/categorized.

[EDIT] This only applies to custom icons. I don’t think that there is anything that can be done with the built-in ones. Will investigate.

[EDIT2] I couldn’t find the built-in icons anywhere, but thinking of it, that is not something I’d be comfortable messing with anyways. Things like that are better left untouched.

Toolbar icons are stored as SVG-files in an application resource library. In some cases they can be replaced by a local copy from within the QSS-file in a Theme by replacing the icon’s url. In other cases, things are not that simple… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Vincent, thanks for replying.

Currently I am using your first solution to keep custom icons that belong together, together, ie I rely on the fact that the icon manager presents them alphabetically, and I name them accordingly…

But I don’t understand your second suggestion.

You say one ‘can add a bunch of icons to a project at once by copying them in the “icons” folder of a project’ — but none of my projects has an ‘Icons’ folder.

If I create an ‘Icons’ folder inside a project manually, and place icon files in there, how do these then become accessible, ie how can I then add them to a binder item, given that they don’t appear anywhere in the list of icons? I right-click binder item > Change icon > what do I do next to add a custom icon from the ‘Icons’ folder?


Windows explorer:

"Where to?" Screenshots

You actually want to copy the icon, not move it. (But I had to, for the screenshot.)

More Screenshots


So, you can copy a bunch of icons to that project’s “icons” folder at once : (Windows Explorer)

Icons in "icons" folder

And you then get : (Scrivener)

Icons now in Scrivener


Brilliant, thank you so much!

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