Will I have to pay again?

I installed Linux alongside Windows, once Scrivener is out of beta for Linux, will I have to pay to use it, or will my Windows code work for it?

IIRC, you have to pay separately for Mac and Windows licenses. So it’d make sense for Windows and Linux licensing to be separate as well.

That seems to be a long way off, though, as the current Linux beta expires in 2016. If you’re really concerned about it, perhaps you could install the Windows version through Wine. Then you wouldn’t need a Linux license.

This latest Linux beta has me working “in production” with Scrivener. I paid for licenses for the OS X and Windows versions. I would pay for a Linux version with this latest beta. Accelerate it’s development. You have a market with Linux.

I’ve been playing over the weekend with the latest beta on Mint Linux, and as noted, it works fine so far.

I too have licenses for Mac and Windows, though from next week, I’ll pretty much only be on a Linux laptop (no, this isn’t some “I’m disgusted with [insert OS here]!!” thing, it’s just how it is). I’d be up for a nominal fee license swap (to move my Windows license to a Linux license for example), or buy a Linux one, since it’d be the only one I keep going forwards.

Great work though!