Will Not Compile To Word

Hi There,

I’m working in the trial of Scivener 3 for windows and I absolutely loved it… until it was time to export my work. The only options I have are to export to one note or to pdf. Pdf is broken and only exports about half the document. From everything I read I’m supposed to be able to export it to a .doc as long as I own word. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? It might be user error, but I can’t find a fix anywhere.

If you are literally talking about the Export function, then you should be looking at the Compile function.

Like gr said you must not confuse Export (limited options, suited as a fast way of getting a rough draft of a small number of documents out of Scrivener) with Compile (huge number of output formats and lots of settings for the exact formatting). Compile is what you are looking for.

That is not true. You can always export a project to .doc (why not .docx which is the successor to .doc?), wether you own Microsoft Word or not.

What you should have is a program that can open .doc (or .docx) files to control your output. On the Mac that would be Pages for example. A free and always good to have option on all platforms is LibreOffice. And you could even use the free version of Word which is no more than a viewer then.