Will Not Open and Have to Force Quit Program--Help!


I’m testing the Scrivener software (trying to decide if I want to buy it or not). I like it very much, but I don’t think the software likes my computer! It opened fine a few times, but as I try to open the work I’ve done on a memo for law school today, it will not open at all (well, the icon appears in the Dock, but that’s it) and I have to force quit.

I’m not sure what information I can provide to help you troubleshoot. I’m a law student, so have two profiles set up on my computer–one for personal at home and then one for law school and using their network. I downloaded the software at home while using my school profile. I had problems with my first download, and recently upgraded to the Beta, which was working fine until now. Help, I want my memo back!

I really enjoy the software, but if it’s going to continue to act up, I don’t know if I will buy it.


FIRST try clicking on the icon in the dock - then look at the top menu bar. You may well have Scrivener open. There is currently no splash screen to tell you that. If it was there most people would turn it off anyway.

You then go into FILE > OPEN and open your file from within Scrivener.

PS: What version of the Mac operating system are you using? It may help to diagnose problems if you add a bit of info to your profile re your system - as some do at the bottom of their forum entries - just make the addition in Profile. It is at the top of this screen.

PPS: The pointer to this solution was that you had to have Scrivener open to Force Quit it. So it really was open all the time and you just weren’t aware of it - you are not the first to be caught this way.

Excellent question - kicked both my brain cells into gear!


This may be way out in left field but if you downloaded and installed the APP on one user account and used it then closed that user account and logged onto a different account you may have a permissions problem for the file.

As an example. If you are logged in account JOE and use a file (.scriv) and it inherits permissions set for “Joe” and then you log out and log into an account named BOB and launch Scrivener it will launch just fine. BUT if you try to open the file you used on the JOE account (.scriv) while logged in as BOB and the .scriv has permission set for only JOE to access then it could cause problems.

Steps to try.

(1) Try logging into the account that you created the file on (ie. Joe) and see if it launches.

(2) Then log into second account and see if it will allow you to launch it. If it doesn’t log back into the Joe account and GET INFO on the .scriv file. Change all the permissions to READ AND RIGHT for everyone and see if the problem goes away.

Of course I could be way out in left field but this sounds like it could be permissions related.