Will the NANOWRIMO 2020 Special Trial happen and if so, when will it be available?

I am interested in using Scrivener for NaNoWriMo, but I want to know when I will be able to access the Special Trial.

Sorry if this is poorly written, I am multi-tasking during my science class.

Currently, the PC beta versions are only being updated every thirty days or so. I am pretty sure you could use that if you are on PC, since it is free.

I do not think Scrivener is particularly expensive. You pay a lot more just for something like Microsoft Word, which does very little for writers other than record the text.

I am happy to pay for software that does what I need. I think the developers here are worth the money. :mrgreen:

If you’re in science class, you must be a student, and therefore cash-poor. I see by your profile that you have a Mac, so PC beta versions are of little interest to you.

In the past, L&L have made the special NaNoWriMo version available sometime in October. In my experience, the best way to connect with it is to go to the NaNoWriMo site and click on L&L’s “sponsored by” link. Eventually it should connect with the special longer-trial version.

If you’re starting NaNo prep already, you’re doing better than I am! If you’d like to get started with notes and story structure, and easily transfer your work into Scrivener, any outline or mind-mapping app that exports to OPML will do – Scrivener can import OPML with correct hierarchy, creating a document for each outline point. Each document in the Scrivener project will have the outline topic as its title, and the outline notes as its synopsis, so you can get straight down to writing the body of the document.

Cloud Outliner on the Mac app store can produce an outline with notes for each topic, exports to OPML, and is free. You can start prep now and transfer to Scrivener when the NaNo version is available. (I’m sure there are other free options, that’s just one I happen to know about.) I hope this helps!

Good luck!

Thank you both for the replies! I am currently using a free trial of Dabble, which is similar to scrivener but more minimalistic. However, when Nano rolls around I do want to see how Scrivener works and try it out throughout the month.
I use the education Microsoft 360 for the Microsoft word app, which is great for school papers but also works as a go-to resort if I don’t like scrivener for whatever reason (highly doubt that). Google Docs is a last resort because of how it is so basic ( i like scriveners functions and tools).
I am currently a Year 7 high school student, and at the original time of posting, I was in science class. I was multi-tasking because it was the second last day of term 3 and we were playing kahoots (i gave up when someone chose the sport Kahoot). I am not exactly searching for money at the moment, considering I am under 14, yet over 12 and I don’t have a job. However, my family’s income has decreased within the last 2 years, although we are still better off than some. I still do not wish to put any pressure on my family, especially considering it was my parent’s 10th wedding anniversary today and in October it is my little sisters birthday. I am thinking of putting a few things on my Christmas wishlist this year such as Grammarly, dabble, scrivener, etc. But these things will definitely be a good investment as they will help me be a better writer, score better grades (although I am doing advanced English at school and receiving A grades), and, when the time comes, help me make a business from my writing, which is my lifeblood and my life’s passion, so I am hoping it will become my lifes work as well.
I do own a Macbook Pro.
I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, particularly in the YWP, although I do have the normal Nano account, as I am aiming for 7,000-20,000 words (50,000 is a bit too much at this point of time).

Sorry, for going on such a large spiel. I thank you both for your quick replies.

Hi there! We just put up the NaNoWriMo 2020 trials of Scrivener for macOS and Windows today; you can download them and read about the NaNo special offers here. Rather than the usual 30-days-of-use, these trials will run from now until December 7th to give you the rest of this month for planning your novel (if you’re a plan(n|ts)er!) and then the full 30 days of November to write, plus a little extra on the end. If you complete the 50K-word goal, you’ll get a 50%-off coupon code in your Winners Goodies, but either way NaNo participants are eligible for the 20% discount on the page linked above. :slight_smile:

Best wishes for your NaNo novel!

Oh neat. Does the template work for the windows beta? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can download the Mac template from the page and import it in the Windows beta to use it. It should be set up correctly with the exception that you will need to reset the default subdocument template for the Characters and Places folders in the binder in order for new documents created within them to automatically use the character or setting sketch sheet. The “Novel Format” document explains how to do that for any folder. Enjoy!