[will there be a...] NiAD 2019**

Yo Baconator…

Apparently I’m supposed to behave like a grownup and make plans months in advance. Are we running the “excuse to get slobberingly intoxicated” again this year?

Mrs PF thinks we should do it again. I’m not sure what her motive is, but since I’ve only ever seen her make one bad decision in her life (and 20 years later I’m still very grateful she did) I usually end up doing what she says.

You suddenly seem very smart.


And now less smart.

At least I’m consistent… I’m always “not smart”.

I like Mrs PF more and more

Oh, was supposed to have gotten drunk during the last one? I just had coffee…

That’s all we give Jaysen, but… well… :unamused:

Yay!!! Mrs. PF is awesome!!! Thank you, Mrs. PF!!! :smiley:

Ooooh! :smiley: I concur with all the above.

Any word yet? Is there a way I can assist? This was such a cool and fun endeavor! :smiley: And it’s exciting to be part of something like this. So I am motivated to keep it going.
No pressure, PF. :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

Umm… dunno. Let me talk to some people and figure some stuff out.

Spread the word amongst author friends / other writing communities and create an overwhelming and un-ignorable demand!

LOL is there a tentative date that I can share? Like even something as general as This fall! Or Next Spring!

You do realise that both Jaysen and vic-k are going to see that comment? Talk about “overwhelming” and “un-ignorable demand”… :unamused:

It’s usually October-ish, so if we’re to build an overwhelming and un-ignorable demand (without the, er, “ help” of vic-k & Jaysen) that would be a good time-frame to circulate.

Challenge accepted!

If you want to line up ducks, you need a mother duck. Setting a target date as soon as may be would probably help.

That presumes I want you to succeed! :wink:

That’s a very crude reply! However, just what kind of seeds do you want gr to suck?

Or are you concerned about your succession and hoping to line up GR …


Mr X