Win V3. Where's my stuff?!

I have installed Win V3 successfully. When I click on Open Existing Project and navigate to my project folders, they are all empty. So Win V3 is not recognising my Win V1 projects. How can I open Win V1 projects with Win V3?

All known cases of this problem have been traced to antivirus software: the software decides Scrivener is bad and refuses to give it access to your data. Please disable your antivirus, reinstall Scrivener, and try again.


I’m gonna wait until I have some writing downtime before I go through all this tedium. I can’t imagine how frustrated I’d be if installation/upgrade bugs were taking time away from finishing the draft I’m trying to get out the door.

Does this only apply to third-party antivirus add-ons? Or does it apply to the built-in Windows Security (Defender or whatever it’s called) as well?

I haven’t had Windows Defender take any actions or raise any warnings against Scrivener 3, and I haven’t had to whitelist Scrivener.

Good approach. If I were in your shoes and trying to hit a deadline, the very last thing I’d do is make any changes to my production toolkit until I was done. Even if it all goes perfectly well, there’s still a learning curve–Compile has been completely redesigned. Not to mention the distraction of exploring all the new features and settings. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Katherine. I have found that if I first open a Scriv project from inside File Explorer, thereafter they become options in the 'Open Existing Project" and “Recent Projects” menus in the Scrivener start-up box (whatever it is called). I don’t have a special virus program, just the Microsoft version.