Win11 location of saved templates

I’ve saved a novel template, but I can’t locate it. Where does Scrivener store user-saved templates? Any info in the forum is outdated. “Templates are saved in Scrivener’s Application Support folder” is not helpful, and in any event, my new saved template isn’t there.

Aha! There we go. Thanks!

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May I ask why you were looking for it ?
(You know custom project templates are listed in the new project panel when creating a new project, right? – You don’t have to manually fetch it (your template) on your HD to create a new project from it.)
Not even sure that would work…

Backups. I back up everything multiple times.

(You know custom project templates are listed in the new project panel when creating a new project, right? )


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I personally have only one custom template.
(I pretty much only write novels, but it has everything I need it to have, no matter what I do.)
It is now at version 9.
I up it 1 every time I give it a big refresh or upgrade.

Now my point being that this template is actually a real project on my computer.
It has no content as far as writing goes, but it has all my character sheets, story sheets, document templates etc etc.
→ I treat it has a project and so I do a backup of it just like any other project whenever I modify it.
(I use File/Backup Now.) I find this to be the simplest way.
When I am done, I just save it as a template over the previous version.
I still have all my different versions of it (in my backups) since the very first, when I upgraded to Scrivener 3.

I echo your backup sentiments, with multiple daily copies (6x) of all of my WIPs. It only takes minutes, and the cloud is not involved in any way, shape, or form.

I trust google drive. But I also double backup everything to an external HD dedicated to that.

I’m the opposite, I have about a dozen project templates and deleted all of the built-in ones from the install folder, because I’ll never use them and they just slow down loading that window! And yup, I keep them backed up too.

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Never thought of it / didn’t know one could do that. Thanks.

(I didn’t delete them, just in case – I got scared I might one day regret it… haha -, but I suffixed the folder with “XXXX”.)