Win3 Beta / iOS version Error

I’m running Beta 28, and the newest version of iOS. Windows 10 laptop, iPhone XR.

I just noticed this one after my writing last night. There is a bug between the two versions with new documents. Here’s what I did:

  • Create new blank Doc in Beta
  • Close Beta version, and open iOS version
  • Go to the newly created blank document, and edit it. Sync / Close iOS
  • Open in Beta, there will be a message about invalid formatting in a UUID. This would be the document that was just edited.

I have 3 backups with a test document that I just worked through to verify. But those were basically the steps. It doesn’t seem to happen to files that have words in them, or documents created on iOS. Only created in the Beta, and then written in iOS.

Does that make sense? Too early, and I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Thanks for all the hard work you have done on this program. It’s looking great!

Looks like this one got missed. Granted, I don’t think I explained it clearly either. But I just confirmed that it’s still happening in RC5.

Basically, if you create a blank doc in Scriv on Windows, and open it in the iOS version and edit it, when you open it in Windows again there will be a UUID Formatting error and the doc that was blank at first in Windows will be blank. To add to the oddity, I made a duplicate of the Blank document in Windows and then in iOS, and both of those were fine.

I attached a file from this morning. All done in the latest Scriv 3 and iOS versions. When you open it, it will give you an error for the Blank document. The other two should be there. There are 3 docs inside: Blank, Blank (iOS Dupe), Blank (Win3 Dupe). Blank and Win3 Dupe were created in the Windows version. Dupe is a duplicate of the Blank one. The iOS Dupe was duped from the Blank before I wrote anything in it.

Overall, it’s a fairly easy bug to reproduce.

Thanks for the hard work L&L! (29.2 KB)

Beta RC5
iOS Scriv 1.2.1
iOS 12.4.1

Following the OP’s instructions, I was able to replicate this error. Screenshot of error attached.

Blank doc.jpg