window snaps down whenever I hit the spacebar

The Scrivener document window has been snapping downward a few lines whenever I hit the spacebar.

The text extends down past the lower edge of the window, as most text does. When I insert the cursor at the top to, for example, revise the headline, the window moves down whenever the spacebar is pressed.

A screen recording

It’s very annoying. What’s going on? How do I stop this?

Would be useful to you (and those who might help debug) if you post a screen shot showing the “invisible” characters. It seems like you have some sort of formatting on that “blue” text seems causing this.

Is typewriter mode enabled? If so disable and see if that changes anything.

Thank you for your your replies.

@suavito No, typewriter mode is not enabled. I never use it.
@rms Here’s a screen shot. I see nothing but the usual spaces.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 9.06.17 AM.png[/attachment]

what is missing is anything to show what the following paragraph (blue) is formatted. something about that is controlling the scrolling. hard to tell from here with the info given. the problem is not in the new text I would think.

I’m not sure what “following paragraph (blue)” you’re referring to. Perhaps I show what you need in the new screen recording, here:

In making the video, I found what is probably a good clue, but I still don’t know what’s going on. The behavior goes away with a change of style in the uppermost line. The first few seconds show the lack of the behavior in that line. Then a simple style change brings it back.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas. I’d have to have hands-on your computer to understand what you see and to debug it. The new video from my chair seems to show to me the editor is as I would expect. But I see what you mean when you change the format of the first line.

My best suggestion is to put the text into Apple’s Text Edit app (which is basically the same editor as used in Scrivener) and see if you still see unexpected behavior. Also, in Scrivener, inspect carefully the style formatting and any applied formatting (un-noticed keep-with-next, can split across pages, etc.) on any of your paragraphs.