Windows 10 and screen scaling?

I just picked up a Windows 10 machine (I’ve been using Scrivener on a Windows 7 previously).

Everything just looks very small, and I can’t figure out how to scale the entire screen up without using the windows magnifier (which is a very clunky solution). All the tool bar options are microscopic, and the ruler’s scale is definitely off from what it should be. I’ve pasted a screenshot here.

Changing the zoom on scrivener just changes the text in the editor body, nothing else.

Any ideas on what to do?

In the ruler near the top of the screen, just below the two left right arrows and the Bolded “Paper Draft 1”, look where the ruler says 6.5, single left click that and hold it, to drag to the right to increase screen real estate.

There might be a better solution, based on desired output, but am unsure at this time.

Or at the bottom where it say 100%, change that to 135%.

To change the program’s gui text, I’d assume that needs to be done in the windows settings, or with a window designer/themer of some sort.

Try this:

See … i-displays

I’ve tried this, went through all steps twice to assure that I did it correctly.
My General Meta-Data and toolbar icons are still pretty much unusable. Any other suggestions? I’ve been using Scrivener for several years, have purchased for 3 laptops, and am very frustrated by the difficulties I’m now encountering.

Directly contact Literature and Latte tech support as discussed here

I am also troubled by the same problem.
I am using the SurfacePro4.
Have you been able to solve this problem?
If it can be resolved I want to know the way.

Did so, received the same assurances of “in the future” and directed to the same link as mentioned. The workaround doesn’t help.