Windows 10 on ARM

As this is likely to become an increasingly used configuration in view of the Surface event announcement last week.

  • 64 bit version installs but does not run. Mostly 64 bit applications decline to install. The failure to run was an expected outcome.

  • 32 bit warns that you are about to install on a 64 bit system and asks whether you want to proceed. Selecting Yes installs the 32 bit system which appears to be working normally

As this configuration is currently not mainstream , dealing with any issues ought to be low priority. However, I will continue with the trial.

System Lenovo Miix 630 Windows 10 Version 1809 for ARM64-based Systems


So far the only issue identified is typewriter mode in Composition does not appear to work.

System Lenovo Miix 630 Windows 10 Version 1809 for ARM64-based System


I’m just curious about performance on ARM versus x86, not only related to Scrivener but to all x86 applications running in emulated mode.

Could you share with us, even if it is little off-topic, what are your experience?

Thanks in advance.


It is not my main laptop, but I bought it because of its extended battery life and always connected functionality. Think lpad Pro with a pen and keyboard and you will not be far wrong accept that it runs x86 applications.

For writing, I’ve used Word, Jarte and now Scrivener. It works fine and is very responsive. I have also installed Scapple and Simplenote both of which work fine.

Constraints are, that drivers must be x86. 64bit programmes are said to be coming, but I am not sure I will hold my breath, as I believe they will need to be specially complied and I can’t see anyone bothering until the Surface Pro X is available, which has a much faster ARM processor.

An irritation is that full fat Dropbox will not install. Dropbox S which is the only option is less than useless. I will need to find a work around to link to my Scrivener files there or think about retiring my iPad.

Note that I have moved the machine from the supplied Windows 10s to 10 Pro, which is a free upgrade.

Performance is a bit subjective but using the Office 365 applications a Microsoft Surface Pro user was favourably impressed when trying the Arm machine this morning. I’m not sure I would want to run too many applications at the same time though, and it would not be my choice for games or photo editing. But Word, PowerPoint and the like are fine.

I hope this is helpful

Thank you very much. I was thinking to order the Surface Pro X but I’m still unsure because performance. I will use it at home to do “home” stuff and write and read… I think it could be useful to me, but I will wait more reviews.

As said, thank you!