Windows 10 speech recognition dictation not working in scrivener


I have the Logitech H540 headset and I’m using the free dictation software that comes with windows 10. It works well with word or notepad but when I try in scrivener it does not work at all. It keeps saying “what was that?” and nothing is typed onto the screen. Does anyone know of any free dictation software that will work with Scrivener? I can’t afford the Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

My computer specs:
Windows 10 Pro
intel core i3 processor


The only speech recognitiion dictation application that I recall hearing worked, partially for some, with the current version of Scrivener for Windows, is Dragon Naturally Speaking. Which costs. And which I would verify works, to an extent you find useful, before purchasing. As memory serves, some folks reported success in being able to use Dragon to dictate into Scrivener, but not to otherwise control or interface with it. I could be wrong.

The workaround with other speech recognition dictation applications appears to be to use them to dictate into themselves or some other Windows application with which they work, then copy/paste or import the results into Scrivener. Not ideal, but it works. I do a similar copy/paste, from rather than to Scrivener, to a text-to-speech program, in order to listen to text I’m working on in Scrivener.

To get a sense of folks experience with all this, search the forums (search field in upper right hand corner) using phrases such as “dictation Windows”, “speech recognition”, etc. You’ll find discussions of such in both the Windows and Mac forums and will need to keep an eye out as to which platform is being discussed.

The current behavior may be due to the current version using a now dated version of the Qt cross-platform development tool. The next major Scrivener upgrade will presumably use a newer version of Qt that may prove more amenable to speech recognition dictation and text-to-speech. It is coming, likely for the Mac first and then Windows, but no date(s) announced.

Hope that is of some assistance.

I was able to get Windows speech recognition to work in Scrivener. But it is clunky. is a link to the article. It is not the same windows recognition you can use in word and transfer. It is the Cortana voice recognition. But it does work directly in the workspace. I even used it for some of this post.

i cant get dragon 13 to run in scrivener…i can use word doc copy and paste but really it would be better if it worked…doesnt scrivener have an it desk?