Windows 10 Update -> Scrivener Lockup

Hey. I don’t see this anywhere.

I just had a big Windows 10 Update. I had to re-install my VPN software after it was done.

I’m using Version Beta (636180) 64-bit. I frequently have multiple Scrivener projects open simultaneously: a journal, a work project for note-taking during meetings and for projects I’m working on, and then my writing project.

After this update, it seems to lock up all my projects at once, but I can’t seem to re-create the issue on command. Most of the time it’s fine, but occasionally, Scrivener just crashes and all my projects hang up.

I’m not doing anything unusual when this happens, and it even seems like it happens when I’m not directly working with Scrivener. For example, if I’m doing something in some other software and then come back to Scrivener, and it’s hosed.

I don’t recall this ever happening prior to this latest Windows update.