Windows 11 Questions

Now that MS has announced Win11 coming this fall/winter, I have to ask—after all the trouble we went through to finally have a release SfW v3—do the L&L SfW developers get ahold of early Win 11 SDKs for validating MS won’t break things for us?

Just bein’ a bit paranoid, is all…

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Scrivener works just fine with Windows 11. :slight_smile:

Not trying to feed the paranoia, but given Scrivener for Windows is built on the Qt framework, it is more likely that any issues that arise come from bugs in Qt/W11 interactions than in Scrivener’s code – so it will probably be a bit of time before we start getting solid answers to that.

Just be patient and it will all get sorted out.

There are also likely to be some people surprised that their relatively new machine cannot run Windows 11 because starting with Windows 11, having Trusted Process Management (TPM) 2.0 turned on is mandatory, whereas with Windows 10, it was optional. See this article if you want to see if your machine can run Windows 11.

That article overlooks the fact that most modern computers that can run the supported processor families most likely support the virtual TPM that is emulated in firmware (Intel and AMD have different names for it) – from what I’ve seen, this is enough to meet this requirement.


We fully intend to support Windows 11, just as we fully intend to support the next release of Mac OS. However, we have no control over either Microsoft or Apple, and both companies have been known to make things challenging for developers in various ways.

Being the first on your block to install the latest version of an operating system can often lead to frustration. I recommend letting other people find the early bugs.

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Oh, that I planned on…

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As I’m about to install the preview on my machine I will let you know if it works or not.

Edit: Just installed. Tested a few items in Scrivener; works fine so far. Of course this is just a preview and as some know, more updates will come.

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