Windows 11 - Scaling issues

Installed Scrivener on my new Windows 11 laptop (Surface Laptop 4). It was all working fine until this week (Windows Updates ran on 2/12/21). Now all interfaces are HUGE and cannot rescale. Very difficult to work. Anybody else had this problem or found a solution to it?

I’ve had reverse problems with other apps - text/ui too small & other issues - due to a (high DPI) external monitor even if it was switched off!

If you have any other monitor connected, I’d try again after disconnecting it.

Alas, I’ve got nothing else.

Thank you - no monitor, just the laptop screen. Very strange as was all perfect last week, so must have been caused my the recent Windows Update. I’d roll it back, but there are lots of security patches included with it.

This has now fixed itself. I plugged it into a monitor and then unplugged and he scaling is back to normal. V strange!

I think Windows updates are the only viruses you need to worry about.

Somehow that feels almost (MS) logical :slight_smile:

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A lot of problems with video on laptops can trace back to weirdness in the video drivers and how they handle being slept, hibernated, etc. vs. actually rebooted – and Microsoft doesn’t write the video drivers, they simply provide a certification path for OEMs to put their supported drivers versions out via Windows Update. If you’re ever seeing weird graphics issues after a Windows Update, you may need to see if there is a newer graphics driver.

On many modern Windows laptops, the power management is configured so that the power button doesn’t actually cause a full shutdown, but instead saves memory state to disk. This can cause all sorts of issues with video displays. I also recommend doing an explicit shutdown and restart if you get into weirdness like this, rather than relying on the power button (or simply closing the lid) to do an actual reboot cycle (unless you’re like me and go modify your power plan settings accordingly and know what they’re going to do.)

Apple hardware doesn’t have this issue for the simple reason that with far fewer graphics chipsets they have to support, the OS team actually can work closely with the drivers and make sure all the various combinations are tested and supported.