Windows 3 How do I open existing Scrivner projects

Hi, I downloaded the version 3 trial today. When I choose open existing project, there are none. I tried going directly to the local backup but again version 3 doesn’t find any compatible files.
There is possibly a simple step I am missing. I love Scrivener when I get going but as I recall my initial set up was difficult too. The learning curve for basic things like backup and recovery seems steep.
Step by step if you can help, thank you everyone.

The WIn ver 3 instructions say to save settings to a file before upgrading to ver 3, but I’m unable to open the program at all. When I try, it just gives me the message: "This Windows Scrivener Release candidate expired after Sunday, February 28th, 2021. Please, download an updated version from

So how can I save my settings to file when I can’t open the program?

Follow these instructions.


When you choose file explorer and go to your data files (usually in your documents folder), do you have any folders with names of your projects? Within those folders, do you have files that end with .scrivx?

If so, that is your scrivener files. If not, you don’t have any files on your computer.