windows 8

Have just upgraded to windows 8 and not re loaded scrivener yet, are there going to be an issues with it please

Scrivener should work fine with Windows 8 for Intel-based PCs. Windows 8 RT for ARM processors is not yet supported.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a current backup before committing to this kind of major upgrade.


Yes I always back up so that’s not a problem, but have not reloaded scrivener yet.
Mostly have found that windows 8 pro is working fine and is actually much quicker on log on and off, I will take a chance and put it on, its just I have not found how to access registry yet with this setup and if I have to uninstall again I like to do it cleanly

Are there plans to port Scrivener for Windows to Windows RT so it will work with Surface?

I have used Scrivener quite a bit on my Win 8 virtual machine, and so far I have not run into any problems with it. As said, that’s with a standard WinTel 8 computer setup though.

There was a post elsewhere by a developer stating that this would take a lot of work due to different code being needed for ARM chips (in RT computers).

Yeah, it’s basically another platform entirely, and with Surface it’s a whole different device, it is no longer strictly a computer. Putting desktop software on something with no input save for the screen is just asking for trouble, even if it worked. You have to design the entire UX around that way of working—and we are doing that (for iOS and Android), but at this point it is far too early to say whether or not it is worth the risk of spending a year or two making a Surface version for a device that may still very well flop completely. Microsoft’s track record in mobile devices is not encouragement.