Windows CE

I’ve searched and haven’t found the answer - I have an HP IPaq that runs Windows CE

Will Scrivener run on that?

I would suggest downloading the trial version and see how it runs. It’s exactly the same as the normal version, but it stops working after 30 days. Fully-functional, and you should be able to see if it will work on your system.

Guess I’ll do that - though I don’t need the trial as I own a copy - this would be my third install of the 10 allowed (Desktop and Netbook being the other two)

Probably be a few days, but I’ll let people know how it went and if it works


I’d be astounded if it works. WinCE is no more like desktop windows than iOS is Mac OS X. They’re entirely different beasts under the hood, with a few programs designed to open compatible office documents.

Win CE runs on the ARM processor, not Intel, and they are not compatible. Don’t waste your time.

I’m not sure whether there are any plans for a scrivener for windows 8 RT (the win8 version of winCE).

My Ipaq is being retired, it’s an obsolete OS, no one is developing for it. I can still write on it using rtf and word for wince, but I’m moving to android and nexus 7. For Rtf files I’m using something called softmaker office - search google play. I’m waiting for an android version of scrivener.


Ya, ran through the docs and Win CE 2003 is pretty much the predecessor to the current Windows Phone OS - runs apps but not programs

I do have a Netbook that I use, but at work there’s no safe place to put it while I’m on the floor. The reason I was looking at this is I wear a hip-pouch and the iPaq fits in there just as my now-dead Palm Zire did

I am using it, use the Export function in Scrivener to put the chapters/scenes out to RTF then import when I get back home again.

I’d love something better, but current finances preclude that - my cell is a dumb one, don’t even have texting on it

Ah well, maybe someday