Windows Documents Folder Changed

I recently installed a program that switched the “official” Documents folder in WIndows to my OneDrive folder so that it would automatically back up my documents to the cloud. When I installed the update, then ran the program, it told me that there was no Scrivener configuration file. Then it couldn’t find my scrivener documents because they were no longer in the exact same path as previously. They were still in the same subfolder path relative to the system-recognized Documents folder (which now pointed to a different directory structure).

When I installed the new backup program from Microsoft, it automatically updated the paths in all of the Office apps.

My suggestion, is for Scrivener to store document paths relative to the Windows Documents folder if, indeed, the user is placing the documents within that folder. Then, if that folder is changed in Windows–which users can easily do–then Scrivener will be able to locate them easily.

Actually, Scrivener DOES use the system variable USERNAME to find the user’s documents folder (a similar procedure is done with the Mac version of Scrivener). You can find these Windows variables by going to Control Panel->System->Advanced system settings

and then clicking on Environment Variables…
That said, I wonder if Microsoft didn’t properly set one of those variables when it did the folder redirect to OneDrive. FWIW, I use OneDrive to store my Scrivener projects rather than Dropbox and do not have any issues with syncs. I do not use OneDrive for my backup solution like you have done. For your redirected Documents folder that contains your Scrivener projects, you can (once you have Scrivener able to open to the Project Templates dialog box) simply click on Open Existing Project… and browse to the redirected folder. Once you have selected a project from there, Scrivener will remember it and default to future opens in that folder. Lastly, I would check Scrivener options to verify the path and location of your Scratchpad and Backups folder and make any needed changes there. You may need to uninstall and re-install Scrivener to get the redirected document path to be recognized.