Windows Install Warning - is this expected?

I got this Windows 10 warning on both my desktop and laptop. Is this expected? (I was not expecting it.)

After clicking on More info and then electing to run it, I was able to install and it opens fine.

Basically yes. “Windows Defender SmartScreen checks the reputation of any web-based app the first time it’s run from the Internet, checking digital signatures and other factors against a Microsoft-maintained service. If an app has no reputation or is known to be malicious, SmartScreen can warn the employee or block the app from running entirely, depending on how you’ve configured the feature to run in your organization.” ~ Set up and use Windows Defender SmartScreen

Since this is a brand new version and installer, it’s got no reputation and isn’t on the Microsoft-maintained service, and so is triggering the warning. You’ll occasionally see this kind of thing with security software set to a high sensitivity like this, when an indie app gets an updated signature, new version number, etc.

I had a similar Warning from my Virus Protection (Avast Free). I sent the installation file to Avast for checking and it was judged save this morning.
Since I didn’t want to wait so long, I defined an exception for Scrivener and the installation process went fine.

Depending on what your system Smart Screen settings are, you can also avoid this message by right-clicking on the installer file you downloaded and unblocking it.

Yep, this is a default Windows thing. If you click “More info” you can get a hidden option to “Run software anyways” and it’ll install like normal.