Windows/iOS sync

More of a question than an issue -

I don’t currently have access to my PC, so I am unable to update to the newest version. If I take the plunge and buy the iOS version (which I likely will regardless of the answer), will I be able to still access the files I created on my PC through Dropbox, or will the files be incompatible?

The project format is the same. Things should be fine on the iOS side.

You’ll want to install the new version before you launch Scrivener on your PC, though. iOS Scriv uses a special folder inside the project to help manage synchronization conflicts. Previous versions of Win Scriv won’t know to look for that folder, or what to do with it if they found it.


Thanks! I mostly use my iPad these days, and I’m not sure when I’ll have my PC here, but I’ll be sure to update it.