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Quick question - with the ongoing work on windows version 3 and the fact MAC v3 shipped a long time ago, is the windows version being kept in line with the MAC release, or will windows be behind again once v3 ships? I guess the real question is are you building v3 windows to be what MAC v3 was at release, or will it include the updates that MAC v3 has had since launch? Many thanks!

L&L’s stated goal is feature parity. There are likely to be some scenarios where this cannot be achieved, due to differences in Mac vs. Win OS. For instance, Mac supports tabbed windows. Win does not. That’s not a Scriv thing, it’s an OS thing.

This discussion would be simpler if you just asked about which specific updates or features you are concerned with.


What Jim said. Some of the Mac Scrivener updates have been for compatibility with Mac OS changes, for example; obviously those aren’t terribly relevant to Windows users.


Sorry for confusion - being a professional software developer myself for the past 30 years I fully understand OS restricted differences in software versions and just assumed that was a given. Again sorry for not making that clear. My question was generalized to the feature set that is NOT OS RESTRICTED.

Allow me to explain why I’m asking. I fully understand the challenges in software development, and am a huge fan of L&L and their products. I’ve been running with the BETA and have voiced no frustrations with the delay like many on this forum. My concern however, is if development is continuing on MAC3 are those newly added non OS specific updates being included in WIN3, or are L&L still working to get WIN3 to the point where MAC3 was at it’s initial time of release.

I think I can speak for a significant number of Scrivener users that may be concerned that when Win3 ships, it won’t be the parity product we were promised but more akin to MAC3.0 while MAC will be on MAC3.x.

My post was a respectful request for information on version feature parity and was not targeting any specific feature.

Hope this clarifies.



The goal is parity between the two versions.


Thanks so much Katherine - that’s wonderful news. Much appreciate all the hard work L&L are putting into releasing a quality product. On a side note the latest RC is excellent. I’m running the Hi DPI version and it looks beautiful.

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