Windows Scapple bug with the inspector

When fully open scapple file and click view inspector, see thin line at far right and sometimes can pull to view inspector panel and sometimes not. If unclick view inspector and then reclick will show up as a side panel OR if minimize window the invisible inspector panel can now be seen. Pics included.

Does Windows allow you to resize a window that has been maximised? If so, I would try resizing from the left side to make it narrower, and then drag the whole window over to the left as well in the space made for it.

I’m wondering if it is not actually that narrow, but instead mostly off-screen.

Also if you are using multiple monitors that would be a good piece of information to know.

I am using multiple monitors and when downsize does appear or click view, unclick and reclick view inspector. Windows 11 (3 monitors)

All right, my guess then is that it is incorrectly evaluating the display size and making the window too wide. I can’t reproduce it myself, since I only have one screen, but this should be good enough for the developer to look into it.

thanks, can get around by resizing so not effect function but annoying. Thank you. love all the adds with the inspector and the ease of adding different note types.