Windows shows multiple installations

I’ve got the latest beta. I just was looking through what apps I have in Windows 10, and found 3 instances of Scrivener

Annotation 2019-02-01 164540.jpg

The first says
Second is 2906
Third is 2904.

Anything I can do about this?

This thread may help

Oh, I thought I could use the automatic update option in the beta. I actually did try to uninstall one of these, which seemed to uninstall everything, but the items remained in the list and I couldn’t uninstall the others.

Ah, so only one of these was directly installed and the other two were updated from within the program?

Beta version update installer was not available in Beta 4. These have been installed using the full installer.

If Beta 12 runs okay, and you can live with those entries being there until Beta 13 comes out? I would do nothing.

If you can’t live with them now, I’d suggest deleting the installation folder(s) completely, and then uninstalling in Programs and Features. The uninstaller should say something about not being able to find it, and would you like to remove the entry? Click yes, and proceed to reinstall Beta 12.

If you can wait until the next Beta to fix it, then wait until the new Beta to do the delete/uninstall/new install.

Despite assurances that the updater works, I have yet to see an updated Beta work as well as an uninstalled/newly installed Beta. “Fixed in the new version” behavior from the prior version has persisted whenever I use the Automatic updater, and goes away when I uninstall/install new.

In Windows 10/Apps & Features I currently have 3 Scrivener “installations” showing up. (Uninstall button grayed out ) (Uninstall button grayed out) (as far as I know, the only one that is actually installed)

If I remember correctly I went from .13 to .14 directly through Scriveners update installer.
From .14 to .15, I first uninstalled .14 through ‘Apps & Features’, restarted pc, then installed .15.

How do I get rid of the .13 and .14 entries in the list?
Both the ‘Modify’ and ‘Uninstall’ buttons are grayed out

Are they in Control panel / Programs/ Uninstall programs?

No, only one entry there for Scrivener (v15)

Not to enter into the fray, but it looks as if the Windows install/uninstall reg keys are corrupted. I won’t go into how to hack and remove those entries but from the looks of it they would need to be manually removed.

Curious I looked at mine and have only 2 entries. One is marked at 1990 and 2906. 1990 is listed as 183mb and I assume it is for Scrivener 19.9.1 whereas 2906 is marked as 330mb and is for 29.0.15.

I have no other directories on my SSD drives and while both are listed separately they both have the same installation date of 3/22/19. Whats more is that there are several programs with the same date and may be due to my participation in being on Microsoft’s fastTrack for updates.

I bring this up here for comparison purposes only.