Windows Taskbar Application Name

Greetings. When Scrivener is open on Windows the application button in the taskbar shows the file location of the open Scrivener file. It shows the beginning of the file (C:\Users\Chris\dropbox\apps…) and I can’t see what file is open.

Would it be possible to have the taskbar button show the file name or end of the file location string?

Apologies if this was said already. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything.



I haven’t double-checked in the stable version, but I would expect that this is all governed by how Windows works anyway. That is: what gets printed into the window title bar is what gets printed into the task bar? I’m not sure, as I’m not a Windows users, but there seems to be a correlation, and that would certainly make a lot of sense.

So given that, I tried disabling the option to print full paths in title bars, in the Startup section of Tools ▸ Options….

On my Win 10 laptop, the taskbar will show the current project’s full path name in a white box. You need to hold the mouse over it for a second or so longer for the white box to appear.

Scrivener is pinned to my taskbar. That’s where the white box file name appears over the pinned startup link.