Windows upgrade -> Conversion / Backwards compatibility


I’m done with a couple of projects and am wanting to upgrade to windows 3. However, since there is no backwards compatibility I wonder if there are any workarounds? Can I move the texts by some other means? Does anyone have any suggestions or guides about how to go about it?

I’m moving to a new stage of my writing career, and I do need the work I’ve already done.

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I’m fairly sure you can simply open the old project in Scrivener 3 and it will update the project to the new format.

You can also export from Scrivener 3 format to Scrivener 1 if you ever find it necessary.

Are you sure? I read that there were no backwards compatibility?

I sincerely hope it’s correct. But I have put in a lot of work in my projects, so I don’t want to take a chance on guesswork, if you know what I mean.

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Fredrik S

You cannot open a Scrivener 3 project in an older version (1 or 2, depending on platform). However, Scrivener 3 has an option to export a project into the old format. Not sure how well (if at al) that will export compile settings, since the compile function is completely different between the versions. But you will at least get your text back.

If that’s what you really want, that is. I’m on a Mac, so I’ve done all this a while ago. But ever since I got Scrivener 3, I’ve never used v2 again.

I’m asking about windows, and I’m asking the opposite: Can I open a v1 project in v3? I ask because I read there is no backwards compatibility in the Windows version. Hence, the question is if there’s a workaround. But someone said they thought v3 has backwards compatibility (windows). Now I’m confused and want a definitive answer. :slight_smile:

Version 3 can open version 1.9 projects and convert them to version 3 format when doing so.

One more thing… you can download version 3 and test it for 30 days before having to pay for it. Test it!

Thank you!

Scrivener 3 – whether for Windows or Mac – has always been able to read the v2 Scrivener projects. When you open a v2 project with Scrivener 3, it will create a backup copy (space permitting) of them, then convert the project to v3, then open the converted copy of the project. It leaves behind the backup v2 copy it just made, as well as any other backups you may have laying around. This has always been the expected behavior.,

The “no backwards compatibility” bit you heard was probably referring to the fact that Scrivener for Windows 1.9.x can only work with v2 Scrivener project files (the same version that Scrivener for Mac 2.x used) – there is no way for it to open v3 projects. Complicating that, during the Scrivener Windows 3.0 beta period, there was no way to export a v3 project back to v2 from Windows – you had to do it from Scrivener for Mac 3.x or open 1.9.6 and the Beta 3 side by side and drag/drop your v3 content back into a v2 project.

The Scrivener for Windows 3.0 release version now includes the “export to v2” code that Scrivener for Mac 3 has, however. so now you can auto-convert a v2 project to v3, work on it, then export the edited project back to v2 all within the Scrivener for Windows 3.0 program. All of this functionality is fully available during the trial period.

In Windows you can export a V3 to V1 by selecting Files - Export - as Scrivener V1.

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