Wine and Scapple

Scapple looks like it might be useful but…

I’ve tried with three different computers (two laptops and one desktop), and two different distros and the same issue occurs. I can drag notes to reposition them with no problem but eventually the program freezes as I try to move a note.

There’s a ghost image of the note under the cursor with the “banned” symbol beside it. The image follows the cursor everywhere in the Scapple window. Move the cursor off the Scapple window and the cursor works normally, for Linux programs and other Wine programs but the image reappears when you move the cursor back to the Scapple window.

My only option at that point is to kill the program with windows task manager.

I’m thinking compositor. I’m using Compton with xfce. Can someone who hasn’t had this problem post their DE and compositor? Please?

I use Scapple, WINE, and XFCE. No problems here. I’m not using compton, however.

Thanks, garpu,

I did find some information about issues with Compton when moving objects on screen.