Winged wassack, Wock's 40th hatchday t'day

[size=200]Don’t we know!!
But, despite the danger, and annoyance, HAPPY HATCHDAY Pidge[/size]


Happy birthday!

Don’t the years just fly by?

Happy birthday. Don’t get lost on your way home from the festivities.
( … -direction)

Ok, small nit to pick with one sign…

Pigeons don’t carry human contagions. If so there would be a lot fewer pigeon handlers as we’d all be dead. But then I’m being cranky!

Happy birthday Wock. May your next year provide you ample opportunities to crap on the heads of those who drive expensive convertibles.

Do pigeons drink Wild Turkey? Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Wock, have a good 'un. (And please keep off my outdoor furniture… :wink: )

We should be thankful that pigs can’t fly, Master Hugh. :frowning:

PS Happy birthday, diseased avian.

Happy birthday Monsieur Pigeon :smiley:

Happy cake day!

Happy belated birthday/hatchday/squawkday.

Tank you tank you tank you.

Well the wife thought the highschool cheerleading escort group (“Give me an O!”) was absurd so No paid for celebration involving pimps was forthcoming but I did spend the evening in Downtown Nashville and pop my head in to Tootsies -

Sorry it has taken so long to responds and stuff. I had trouble finding my pants…

They say the first thing to go is memory…

Who’d’ve thought it would pants first, huh?

Sin you know how it is in the South.

Shirts are optional.

Pigeon Kung Fu