Winner who used Scrivener: Windows


I’d just like to say, thank you so much for making Scrivener a Windows application. Anyone who goes on the Bug forum may have seen my name, especially in the first two weeks. I had no end of problems getting it to work, and despaired of using it.

Midway through Week 3, I bought a new netbook; my old one was on the blink. I installed Scrivener 1.3 on it, and it worked like a dream. I have had no other errors with it, apart from the font, which I know is something that will be fixed on release.

The whole experience was made that much easier through using Scrivener as an organisational tool, and I feel that my novel is a much deeper experience as a result. I will definitely be looking to purchase Scrivener: Windows when it comes out.

My heartfelt thanks,

-Steve Cook
NaNoWriMo 2010 winner.

Congratulations on your book! I’m glad to hear that Scrivener helped your out in the writing this month. Here’s to a year of editing. :slight_smile:

High five!

Me too. This is my first win at NaNo as well, and I owe it all to Scrivener for Windows. really, it just worked!



Cracked 40K yesterday. Here’s hoping I can catch up. :slight_smile:

Cheers you on.

I’ve finished it as well.

Another NaNo winner today…thanks to Scrivener!

Well done!

Well done all! Great to hear of some first time attempts at NaNo (and first victories!) and enjoying the software as well!

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment - you earned it!

I’d like to say something here as well.

As an aspiring writer I’ve always had a big issue getting to a point in any of my stories and either losing interest (at the time), or losing the plot, or something. I just never seemed to be able to finish anything but very short stories.

I entered NaNo this year with the goal in mind to actually start, write, and finish a full length novel for the first time… and happily, I can say I actually did finally complete it last night.

When I started on Nov 1st with NaNo, I’d planned on simply using MS Word for writing it, but quickly realized it was just too tedious to have multiple programs open that I referred to regularly (outlines, notes, etc.). In looking around, I found Scrivener for Windows… having only heard of it in passing before. On a whim I decided to download it.

I can honestly say that without Scrivener I would most likely not have completed NaNo this year. This software is invaluable (to me anyway), and I fully plan on purchasing the product when it’s released. Easy to use, easily organized, it’s just an awesome piece of software.

Thank you so much!

Congrats to the NaNo winners this year! I am a two time winner ('07 and 09) but could not do it this year due to other committments.
However, I did discover Scrivener for Mac the last couple weeks and am loving my experience so far.

Dawn in NJ

Really glad that so many people have used Scrivener for success, just as I did. I think it’s wonderful that I had a ‘new toy’ to play with in Scrivener, and finding out all about it kept my interest high. I can honestly say that I don’t want to write in anything else. Full release now please :smiley:

I loved using it for Nano this year!

I was able to stay focused on what I was doing and keep everything close to hand. Of course my Other Half telling me he was willing to get me the software once the retail went out, if I made my word count and all, helped me too. I finished with 80K.

Its cool too to have friends call and ask you if you made your word count for the day.


I want to throw my hat into this ring as well. I wrote almost none of my novel this year in MS Word. I wrote almost all of it in Scrivener or on my Neo. Scrivener really helped me in the planning stages, and I plan on using it for two upcoming writing projects that I have in mind.