wireless printing issue

I cannot get Scrivener to print wirelessly, especially when I select “Print Current Document” from the Scrivener menu. Can this be solved or must Scrivener always be directly connected to print? Thanks, dayya.

I‘ve printed wirelessly from Scrivener most days for the last — I can’t remember :blush: — years. Are you sure this is a Scrivener problem, not a wireless-printing one? Have you tried test-printing with, say, TextEdit?

P.S. Welcome to the forum, dayya.

Printing is entirely handled by OS X - there’s no code in Scrivener that would block this to the best of my knowledge, because it’s all passed to the OS X printing methods. Have you got everything set up correctly in the printing panel? Perhaps someone with a wireless printer may be able to point you in the right direction…

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