Wish: Autoscroll of Canvas when duplicating nodes


I have a Scapple where I need to duplicate a group of nodes often times, one group beneath the other (and then rename them). Renaming the selected nodes only is great btw.

I noticed that when I select a group of node and then duplicate them with alt+lmb the canvas doesn’t autoscroll to make room for the duplicated nodes-group. So I had to put it down somewhere, scroll, and move it to where it should be. Tedious.

Any possibility to add autoscroll in a version to come?



I’m not sure what alt-lmb is, but do you mean alt+drop? If so, the canvas auto-scrolls as you move the mouse to the edge, so you just need to do that until you are viewing the area you want to see.
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Coming from windows it’s left mouse button :slight_smile: So holding the alt-key and the lmb-button and dragging it to the edge didn’t do anything. I tried it several times. Without alt-button, so simply moving works.
It’s snow-leopard. Can this be an issue?

This does depend on the canvas being available - it can’t scroll past the edge if there is no extra canvas, sorry about that.
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That’s why I called it a wish for a future version :wink: