Wish: Coloured Connector Lines

Could you give us basic facility on this? Just include the colour and line weight as options in preferences. Then if one wants to identify a subset of connection lines there is some way to do it - better than none?

I would like to see this also. Even some very basic functionality with connectors would help. I am trying to make a simple diagram showing which connections have received attention and which haven’t. Even if I could just have two different colors or thicknesses for the connectors that would help.

A few searches revealed these older discussions:

Hi Scapple this questions and feature has been requested multiple times since 2015, probably even further back, but i decided to stop at 2015. It is a necessary feature and also you yourself advertise the possibility of the feature on your own website in this image

literatureandlatte.com/asse … f_rock.jpg

When are we going to see the ability to change the colour, thickness and style of the connection lines in the app?
As it stands if it isn’t possible then at the very least displaying these beautiful images on your website that we cannot acheive is false and misleading advertising.

Please update us


It’s not “false advertising” if you create the image in question with the software itself. That image is 100% created in Scapple. There is nothing in there you cannot do with the software today.

Otherwise, I really don’t understand why we need another post about this, so I merged it with one of the other duplicates, wherein I listed links to other duplicate threads.

Any updates regarding this?
I’d REALLY like to be able to change colour / with of connectors…
…and create multiple connectors between objects.

Hey, welcome back!

You can always check the latest change logs to see what has been added, if that is what you mean. We would of course also add documentation if such a considerable feature were added, and probably draw attention to it in the “what’s new” section, for something as big as that. I’ll save you the time though and point out nothing has changed in any of these regards.

I’m back! :partying_face:

… something like this in the plans for future updates? :slight_smile:
Think I read somewhere that there are plans for a new version of Scapple?

That may have filtered through the grapevine incorrectly. Yes, Scapple is being worked on constantly, and has in fact undergone a near complete rewrite to Swift over the past year (there is even a public beta for it). This in turn is part of a larger project to bring the software to iOS—basically what is being updated on the Mac is a side-effect of that project.

But it’s a rewrite, not a whole new thing, so not terribly exciting, save for the fact that it is now all using the most modern Mac technology for development.

Here’s an obvious oversight:

One cannot change the appearance of arrows once they have been created.
For me a simple Arrow Color setting per document would do,
but while you’re at it, why not allow individual arrows to be selected and have their type and color changed!?

(yes, there is an old post with a ‘solution’, but it’s not valid)

Welcome to the forum! I’m not sure what older post you are referring to, but the user manual covers the modification of connection types, in §4.3.3, Changing Connection Types.

As for appearance settings beyond what can be changed between, there is some discussion above as well as links to other discussions. True, it is a broader discussion than just the arrowheads, but line colours, thicknesses, dash styles, arrow styles—all of that falls under one umbrella request in my opinion and thus can be answered similarly.

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This was not a question.
It was an observation that the programmer (out of sheer laziness!) missed the option to set an arrow color.

Please attempt to remain polite. Just because the software works differently from how you expected it to, does not imply that the programmer is “lazy”, especially when it seems you have not read the material I pointed out to you. It was not that the option was “missed”, but that it was very deliberately not created to be that kind of program with coloured arrows, for design reasons.

You may not agree with that, again, but your view of the world is not the one correct view, where everything other than that is “missing” things, or people being being “lazy”.