Wish list - COLOR FOR THE LINES + 3 more

  1. The lines that connect the different ideas are black, but it would be great if the app allows changing the color of the lines, to make more sense of the causality - relation one is trying to show,
  2. Arrows.
  3. Allow rotation of the elements
  4. Allow paste images


  1. Not sure we need yet another thread on this one. :slight_smile:
  2. Check the Quick Start Guide in the Help menu, which briefly goes over the essential features, which among them include making arrow connections.
  3. That isn’t something we plan on adding.
  4. That should already be working, but if for some reason you cannot paste from whatever you copied from, try another method, like drag and drop from the source, or getting it into an image form as a file and then dragging the file into the board. Not everything copies or drags images the same way.