Wish list: Setting "Paste" behavior in Preferences

A small wish, which would help a lot -

It would be great if the behavior of command-V could be toggled in the Preferences between “Paste” (the current default behavior) and “Paste and match style”. Either, that, or to simplify the key sequence for “Paste and match style” (I really can’t type alt-command-shift-V without having it seem like a game of Twister).

Almost always when I’m pasting I want to paste and match style. Only rarely do I want to paste and preserve formatting. I imagine this is a personal preference or dependent on the kind of materials that people are working with, which is why it might be nice to have it be a toggle-able preference.

A simpler key sequence for the alternative would also be useful.

Thank you very much! Scrivener is really very beautiful.

Take a look at the FAQ:

literatureandlatte.com/wiki/ … hortcuts&s[]=paste



Thanks for the kind words! As Martin points out, you can already switch the keyboard shortcuts for these yourself, using System Preferences.

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I really want this feature, not just in Scrivener, but in life … all software should do this. I find myself wanting to match the formatting of what I’m pasting into 99% of the time. That’s got to be true for everyone on the planet, right?

Not only should preferences allow setting this option, but the default should be “paste and match formatting” not only in Scrivener but in all software!

Second that. In Scrivener I’ve already switched the paste options in System Preferences, but I completely agree that matching formatting should be default in all programs. (In Word there isn’t even a keyboard shortcut for paste and match format — which proves Gregladen’s point, as Word is the definition of counter-intuitive).

Except for programs like Word, with eschew the “Mac way” of doing things, you can set the keyboard shortcut for “Paste and Match Style” for all programs globally, rather than just for Scrivener. It’s in the same general area (don’t have my Mac handy at the moment or I’d provide details), but you can already set all programs to reassign common keyboard shortcuts, so long as they obey the Keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences.

And given that the basic Cmd-V = “Paste” and Shift-Cmd-V = “Paste and Match Style” (or whatever it may be called) set-up is an OS-X system matter, any wishes for that to be changed at the system level should be addressed to Apple.

The first thing I do when I install any app where it is relevant, like Scrivener or Nisus Writer Pro, is to go to keyboard preferences and change it for that app. I don’t do it globally, because when I’m copying and pasting in, for instance, a graphics program, e.g. Graphic Converter, I don’t want to have to remember to do Shift-Cmd-V for a straightforward paste.

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