Wish list: themes


Last item on my wish list - promise - for now at least…

This one is more of an aesthetic nature and probably won’t do much to improve my productivity in any way, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! I use Scrivener for Windows as I don’t have iOS platforms. I am happy with the fact that now you can change colour themes for the program itself, as the darker colours are so much easier on my eyes, and my sensory stimuli senstive eyes thank you.

But just out of aesthetic interest, is it possible to add more colours to the list? Though I am partial to the dark colours, the violet really doesn’t do it for me (though tastes vary of course) and I would like options which are much more in line with my own favourite colours (like I said, this is a purely aesthetic request, kind of superficial in its nature so you don’t have to bend over backwards to make it happen :wink: )

This brings me to another question - some time ago I went looking into custom themes, but only found custom themes for the iOS platform on the world wide web. Am I able to use these now with the most current beta version, or are we Windows users still restricted to only the standard integrated options?

I second this. Glaucoma and cataracts have taken their toll over the years, and the stark light background s and (so in vogue) light text cause me a lot of difficulty.

I would also like to see the themes applied without having to close the app and restart each time, in addition to more theme choices. And, rather than “names of themes” (What do ‘Ocean’ and ‘Violet Haze’ really mean?), it would be nice to pick a base color (perhaps the Editor background color) from a palette of choices, and then have the other UI elements complimented to that base color…,with the ability to then further tweak the individual workspace areas through a menu similar to the current one.

Extra points for being able to save that theme under a new name for later use.
My_gray_foggy_day_writing_in_a_Cape_Cod_sea-side_bungalow_theme :mrgreen: